Distributed Storage with Rook Presentation

A presentation about "Distributed Storage with Rook" which was held at Container Days Hamburg.


A thanks to Kim-Norman Sahm from Cloudical for reaching out to me if I wanted to talk about Rook with him. Also thanks to Jared Watts, Tony Allen and the other awesome Rook people for creating the slides for KubeCon Copenhagen 2018, on which we based our slides partially on.


Kim-Norman Sahm and I created this presentation to show off Rook.io at Container Days Hamburg. The files used in the demo during the presentation can be found here: GitHub galexrt/presentation-distributed-storage-with-rook.

Checkout my blog post about the Container Days Hamburg 2018, see Container Days Hamburg, where I also have a few pictures of the talk from the crowd.

If you want to present these slides somewhere, please get in contact with Kim-Norman Sahm or me first. Thanks!

If you have any suggestions for the presentation, feel free to leave them in the comments. :)


The recording of the talk can be found on Container Days YouTube channel: