My New Home Office Setup

In this post I'm showing you my new gaming and home office setup.

In this post I'm going over my new game and home office setup.

New table

First part of the new home setup, was a new table. The previous was a cheap table from IKEA. The new table is 2.60m long instead of previously only 2.00m. The 0.60m more space is awesome. The desk feels emptier but in a good way, and I have more space for equipment.

If you have the space, go for a big table and keep it clean!

Tech stuff

Power Distribution

The following power strips are used for power distribution:

The 16-port power strips are pretyy neat and I can recommend them. (I'll soon "mount" them to the table so that the cables are off the ground)

End goal here would be to finally buy myself a fancy Uninterruptible power supply, just in case the apocalypse is happening :-D


I'm driving a dual WAN setup using a FritzBoxes and a OpenSense firewall router.

OpenSense firewall router box hardware specifications:

  • CPU: Intel Celeron G4900
  • Fan: Noctua NH-L9x65 CPU-Kühler
  • RAM: Crucial Ballistix DDR4-2666 4GB
  • Mainboard: Gigabyte B360N WIFI
  • PSU: Kolink SFX-350
  • Sorage: Samsung 860 EVO 260GB SSD
  • Case: Kolink - Satellite Mini-ITX-/ Micro-ATX-Gehäuse - schwarz

For network switches, I'm using two cheap 8-port Netgear Managed Switches which get the job done (they can VLAN so perfect with my OpenSense firewall router).


I have a few Raspberry Pis which power the video surveillance and security system, and take care of home automations, like turning on the lights in the morning and so on.

I can probably extend this, but I'm fine with what it does right now.


The most important part of the calculation are the computers calculators.

- Alexander Trost

I have two machines, one for gaming and one for working:

  • Gaming
    • CPU: Intel(c) I7-7700k
    • Memory: 16GB DDR4-3000
    • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970
    • Disk(s): 1x 500GB SATA SSD, 1x 3TB SATA HDD, 1x 4TB SATA HDD
  • Workstation
    • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X
    • Memory: 32GB DDR4-2133
    • GPU: 2x Radeon RX 560 OC 4G
    • Disk(s): 1x 500GB NVMe SSD, 1x 500GB SATA SSD

Obviously the gaming computer can always need an upgrade but I am happy with it and the workstation. You really notice the 8 cores and 16 threads of the AMD Ryzen when compiling code.


I'm currently using 4x LG 29UM68-P 29" 21:9 UltraWide LED monitors, see LG 29UM68-P 29" product page.

A big shoutout to Ricoo Medientechnik for their awesome and not too expensive* monitor stands!

(*In comparsion with around 4 other companies that sell and/ or buy monitor stands)

I'm using the following monitor stands from Ricoo:


Moving on to the audio equipment, I use the following pieces for audio input and output control:

To "blast" music at the neighbors I have a very old 5.1 sound system, which sadly has a high level of noise by default. I'll probably replace it soon with a better sound system.


A noblechairs EPIC Gaming Stuhl - schwarz/gold because your arse and back will thank you for it.

Pretty good chair, though if you want to spend more go for a more expensive one with, e.g., "limitless" backrest and more features.

Finishing touches

To give the whole setup a nice touch, I have added Philipps Hue LED Lightstrips to the back of the monitors. Though I still have to finally use the "in-built" glue of the light strips to put them on the back of the monitors.


The result is pretty rad!

My New Home Setup - Rad Results!

My New Home Setup - With colored background lighting even better!

(The LightStrip is hanging down as this was a picture during me gluing it to the monitors with the integrated glue strips)


That is my home office setup. It gets the job done and is a dream come true for me. I have more ideas to exapnd this setup, e.g., making cut outs for the mixer, but I have to see if I'm going that far.

Have Fun!